Mobile NPS Surveys

Net Promoter Scores are a proven way to understand customer loyalty with one ultimate question. Now reach your customers directly with mobile Net Promoter Score surveys via text messaging. Textline is your ultimate net promoter tool for your mobile NPS surveys!



Responses & Tagging

Individual NPS scores and responses are collected from your NPS Survey for review. Textline's net promoter tool allows you to tag responses, flagging consistent or reoccurring feedback.

NPS Survey Result


Your NPS Over Time

Like a credit score, monitoring of your NPS score will help understand if customer satisfaction initiatives are positively impacting your customer relationships.



NPS Features

Textline's net promoter tool is a simple way to get quality feedback directly from your customers (no missed calls, no lost emails). Here are some additional features!


NPS Score

Keep on top of your NPS score for better customer success. 

Customer Importing

Import your customer list to get started right away!

Automated Delivery

Textline helps manage the frequency of your NPS surveys.

Response Management

Customer feedback is collected for your team to review.

Response Tagging

Tag responses to highlight reoccurring topics or issues. 

NPS Over Time

Like a credit score, view metrics of your NPS over time.



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Your Net Promoter Score is a great and accurate way to understand customer satisfaction. Be a part of the first to access mobile Net Promoter Score surveys from Textline!


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