The preferred way to communicate between your organization & community. Text messaging. 

Reach your community directly with business-level text messaging. No more email, no more phone calls, no more apps. Just like with their close friends, their close family...and now with you!


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Announcements keep everyone in the loop about dates, times & changes.

Stay flexible as an organization. Text messaging allows you to reach your community directly, wherever they are! 


In a mobile-first world, use Textline’s widget on the web to open up communication.

Text enable your organization's various activations. With the Textline widget, users can simply tap the widget to start texting on their mobile phone.


“Every week our staff handles the challenging logistics of getting hundreds of middle school students from their schools to their mentors’ workplaces and back again. Without Textline, this whole operation wouldn't run so smoothly.”

Ben Stewart, Manager of Corporate Partnerships at Spark Bay Area



Integrations with tools you use

Integrate with Slack, Zendesk, Zapier and Help Scout for better business texting.


Textline Features



Store templates for frequently used business text messages

Address Book

Save searchable notes about your contacts


Transfer specific contacts to the best agents within your organization


Get alerts on your desktop or mobile device when new messages arrive

Auto Responses

Send an automated greeting or a special message for offline hours


Track your response time to keep contacts engaged



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